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The Logo Reading System is a teaching method for all ages. It was developed by Marcia Braden, PhD, a leading expert in FXS and ASD. It has proven to be especially effective with individuals who have Spectrum Disorders such as Autism and FXS. This method uses high strength stimuli to hold attention while teaching reading. The Logo Reading System method works because it capitalizes on “incidentally acquired knowledge” and does not require direct instruction. This create an innate interest that promotes engagement and fun while learning to read.

The Logo Reading System

Using popular logos from fast food and department store chains, this system develops a sight-word vocabulary. Logos are faded in a way to preserve the words within the logo and eventually, after a gradual fading procedure, the student is able to identify basic word cards, rhyming words and phrases. Includes instructions, pre-tests, logo flash cards, sort cards, placemats, logo worksheets, writing sheets and phrase cards.

Created by Marcia Braden Ph.D., P.C.

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Colorado Springs, CO 80903
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