We want to welcome you to our website and let you know that you are family! We hope that you find the information you are looking for on this site!! 
Our goal is to provide you information about local resources, educational seminars, family fun day events, fundraisers and most importantly connect you to a support system. We are on this journey together!! 
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In addition, we are also always looking for people who want to get more involved, whether that is by serving on our Board of Directors or one of our event committees!! If you are interested in getting involved please contact us at info@fraxsocal.org.
FRAXSOCAL SUPPORTS! Not only do we raise funds to fulfill our mission but we also love to give to the National Fragile X Foundation, the MIND Institute at UC Davis, FRAXA Research, and our local Fragile X Clinic at the Stramski Center! We are so grateful for our local FX clinic including Dr. Gary Feldman and Ioana Pal who help our families get local treatment (click here for more information: http://www.stramskicenter.com/fragile-x).
Sincerely yours,
Jennifer Newsome