Happy Holidays 2017-2018!

On behalf of the Fragile X Association of Southern California, I would like to thank every one of you for your support this year! Without YOU it would be impossible to achieve our mission and goals year after year. Our non-profit organization is staffed by volunteer Board Members so all donations go straight to our mission. I would like to share what FRAXSOCAL  has been up to this year as 2017 comes to a close…

FRAXSOCAL hosted four Family Fun Days this year! We startted off the year with a Music/Art Workshop at Abie Arts Work in Long Beach. In April, we held our 5th annual 5K for Fragile X with 200 people in attendance! This was a fun day filled with exercise, awareness, family fun, In & Out Burgers, a live DJ, One Hope Wine, and fund-raising! In the summer, we had a private Pool Party at the Dominguez Aquatic Center in Carson, and a Mom’s Night Out at Cheesecake Factory in Anahiem. Finally, on November 11th, we had a bowling event at Cal State Fullerton. All these events allow our FX family, now and existing, to gather together for a day of fun with no cost to them. Families are able to share their stories with each other, get new ideas, and support each other in this FX journey.

FRAXSOCAL loves Education! On October 1st, we hosted an 1/2 day conference on the “Latest Trends in Fragile X”, presented by Dr. Molly Losh from Northwestern University and our beloved Dr. Randi Hagerman from the MIND Institute at UC Davis. FRAXSOCAL also participated in many resource fairs throughout the year including Stephanie’s Day at the CBS Studios, Rockin Resource Fair at Woodley Park (Van Nuys), The Help Group in Sherman Oaks, Special Needs Network’s Back to School at Mt. Carmel Rec. Center, Abilities Awareness Fair in Whittier, and CSUN Family Focus Resource Center.

FRAXSOCAL saw the addition of two new Board Members (Volunteers): Iona Pal and Bennett Sperber. Dr. Palis the clinical psychologist at the Stramski Center, our local FX Clinic. She supports the medical team, including Dr. Gary Feldman, through psychological assessments, appropriate referrals, treatment recommendations and support for the patients and their families. Bennett Sperber is a Financial Advisor with Modern Woodman of America Fraternal Financial Woodman and advocate for his nephew with Fragile X Syndrome. Ben was able to get a $2500 match donation from Modern Woodman for the 5K this year! Both Ionna and Bennett have many skills to offer and are passionate about spreading FX awareness and serving our local community.

FRAXSOCAL Supports! We love to give to the National Fragile X Association, the MIND Institute, FRAXA Research, and our local Fragile X Clinic at the Stramski Clinic! We are so grateful for our local FX clinic including Dr. Gary Feldman and Ioana Pal who help our families get local treatment.

In 2018, we would love to better serve our community as well as fulfill our mission! Our mission includes promoting public awareness of Fragile X Syndrome with a special emphasis on educators and health professionals, providing a forum for families and children with Fragile X to meet and share our ideas, concerns, and problems, and support scientific research on Fragile X Syndrome.

In order to strive to accomplish these goals, we need your continued support. Please consider helping FRAXSOCAL by providing a 100% tax-deductible donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated and always makes a difference. We want to acknowledge all those who help by volunteering their time and talents to our organization! You know who you are but we really want you to understand how much you are appreciated and necessary to fulfilling our mission! Please take a moment to make a safe and secure credit card donation by clicking on the” Donate” link at our website, www.fraxsocal.org, or if you would like, to send a check payable to FRAXSOCAL and mail to FRAXSOCAL, P.O. Box 6924, Burbank CA 91510-6924.

We understand there are many non-profit organizations that you can support, therefore we are extremely honored and grateful when you choose FRAXSOCAL. We wish you a very happy holilday season and a happy new year!

Sincerly yours,
Jennifer Newsome