Community Outreach

As a part of fulfilling our mission to promote public awareness of Fragile X Syndrome and related conditions, our association participates in resource fairs and other community events throughout the year. This typically involves several of our board members staffing a booth, talking to the public and answering questions about Fragile X while passing out brochures, information sheets, pens, and business cards.

A few of the events we participate in:

  • Special Needs Network’s Annual Back to School Family Inclusion Event
  • Fiesta Educativa
  • Walk Now for Autism Speaks
  • San Gabriel/Pomona Parent’s Place Resource Fair
  • Maternal and Child Health Access Meeting (as guest speaker)
  • Living With Fragile X Movie Premier Event

If you know of an upcoming community event or resource fair that would be a good opportunity for us to help get the word out about Fragile X, please let us know at