Happy Holidays 2017-2018!

On behalf of the Fragile X Association of Southern California, I would like to thank every one of you for your support this year! Without YOU it would be impossible to achieve our mission and goals year after year. Our non-profit organization is staffed by volunteer Board Members so all donations go straight to our mission. I would like to share what FRAXSOCAL has been up to this year as 2017 comes to a close…

FRAXSOCAL hosted four Family Fun Days this year! We startted off the year with a Music/Art Workshop at Abie Arts Work in Long Beach. In April, we held our 5th annual 5K for Fragile X with 200 people in attendance! This was a fun day filled with exercise, awareness, family fun, In & Out Burgers, a live DJ, One Hope Wine, and fund-raising! In the summer, we had a private Pool Party at the Dominguez Aquatic Center in Carson, and a Mom’s Night Out at Cheesecake Factory in Anahiem. Finally, on November 11th, we had a bowling event at Cal State Fullerton. All these events allow our FX family, now and existing, to gather together for a day of fun with no cost to them. Families are able to share their stories with each other, get new ideas, and support each other in this FX journey. Read More

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