It’s National FX Awareness Month! LEK

It’s National FX Awareness Month! LEK

July will soon be upon us, it’s time to gear up to Let ‘Em Know about Fragile X. We will once again be partnering in this peer to peer fundraising campaign across the county and hope we count your participation.

LEK Goals:

1. Raise Awareness about Fragile X

2. Raise funds to support the mission of the NFXF

You can raise awareness just by wearing clothes.

The 2017 Let ‘Em Know t-shirts are in-stock now. Order yours ASAP so you can wear it to all of your July 4th festivities.

Get Started:

Go to

  1. Select Become a Fundraiser
  2. Then select Join Team – select your local Community Support Group
  3. Follow next steps to join the team page and set up your Personal fundraising page as directed and personalize your page: can add your story, pictures, etc.
  4. Lead by Example – make the first gift to your team
  5. Invite your friends and family to support your fundraising efforts and donate to your page
  6. Continue to share your personal page on a regular basis throughout awareness month and include Fragile X Facts from NFXF each day. Create Emails directly from your personal fundraising page. Link your page to your social media accounts.
  7. Update your progress and share with your supporters
  8. THANK THANK THANK – Be sure to personally thank all donors to your page.